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Phil Hare Releases and Discography

2018 A Stranger I Came - 2015 The Twilight Tone - 2010 Everyone's A Hard Man Now - 2005 Tears From The Tracks - 2003 Broken Timing - 1997 Phil Hare and Penni McLaren Walker - 1994 Common Ground - 1990 Living on Credit - 1988 Maidenhead Revisited - 1986 The Din of Inequity

2018 A Stranger I Came (March Hare MHPCD01) CD.

Order by Paypal - £10.00 inc postage and packing to UK
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1) One Step Away From The Blues (3.10)
2a) Blarney Pilgrim
2b) Nigel Farage Swimming The Channel (3.12)
3) Water Wide (4.23)
4a) The Water Is Wide
4b) Sure As The River Flows (7.58)
5) I’ve Got My Country Back (3.14)
6) Can’t Quote Shakespeare (2.20)
7) Text 0898 (2.03)
8) Will You Marry Me? (4.14)
9) Broken Society (3.20)
10a) Rosie Anderson
10b) Paul Campbell’s Reel (2.51)
11) Wayward (5.09)
12) Time After Time (2.46)
13) You Never Really Went (5.55)

Phil Hare – Guitar, voice, banjo & dobro.
Phil Hare plays a Gary Nava ‘Signature’ guitar in standard tuning throughout except track 2 (CGDGAD), track 5 (DGDGBD), tracks 8 & 12 (CGCGBC) and tracks 10 & 11 (EG#BF#BD#).

This album is largely a ‘live in the studio’ collection of (mainly) first takes, although some liberty was taken in overdubbing a smidgen of banjo and dobro on two tracks!

All titles written by Phil Hare except ‘One Step Away From The Blues’ (Kevin Buxton), ‘Wayward’ (Nick Mitchell) and ‘Time After Time’ (Cyndi Lauper/Rob Hyman).

Tracks 2a, 4a and 10a are all Trad Arr. Phil Hare.

All titles arranged by Phil Hare © 2018 MCPS.

Recorded & engineered by Jon Harvison at Quarry Cottage, Keighley, W. Yorkshire 18th November 2017. Produced by Jon Harvison & Phil Hare. Mastered by Tony Bonner.

2015 The Twilight Tone (March Hare MHPCD02) CD.

Order by Paypal - £6.99 inc postage and packing to UK
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1) The Pound Man (2.50)
2) The Twilight Tone/Red-Headed Boy (3.06)
3) Catherine Conway (4.41)
4) Planxty Byrne (2.34)
5) Lady London (3.39)
6) The Preacher (1.58)
7) Lines In The Sand (3.55)
8) Si Bheg Si Mhor/Planxty Davis (4.45)
9) Friends I Left Behind (2.36)
10) The Alchemist (3.55)
11) The Day Thatcher Passed Away (5.01)
12) A Corporate Shanty (3.57)
13) Benefit Street (2.09)
14) South Wind/Somewhere Only We Know (5.27)
15) Funeral Blues (Stop All The Clocks) (3.12)
16) She Moved Through The Fair (3.46)

Tracks from the album have been played on:

BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, BBC Radio Suffolk, Argyll FM, Acoustic Cafe Radio, Mike Harding Folk Show, Ken & Phil's Folkcast, Durham Community Radio, Folk Radio UK, Chris Arscott's Folk & Roots Show and Tulip Radio. It is expected over the coming months that many more stations will play tracks.

TT has also featured in two 'best of '15' listings including one in (thanks to the webmeister!)

The new Phil Hare CD album was released on Monday 28th September 2015 and is called 'The Twilight Tone'. It is purely my voice and guitar, it features a handful of new, original songs - plus seven 'folk guitar' instrumentals - and was recorded and produced in Steeton, West Yorkshire by Jon Harvison in June 2015.

Contractual obligation - in addition to competition from streaming and downloading - means that the album will retail for £4.99 (£6.99 inc. postage and packing) and will (save for some specialist outlets) be exclusively available from us at either gigs, or through the website and via the PAYPAL facility.

In addition, we have registered with Tunecore so Twilight Tone will soon be available for streaming/downloading piecemeal from ITunes, Amazon Music, Tidal and beyond.

'A Brilliant Album It Is' (Tony Warren, Somerset Arts)

'Phil Hare - The Ultimate, Guitar-Totin' Troubadour' (Llantrisant Folk Club)

'Simply lovely playing and singing' (Ken Nicol, Guitarist - Steeleye Span, Albion Band, Easy Street and beyond)

'Clever marriages between old and new - all shot through with unparalleled emotional honesty' (Mike Harding - MHFS, renowned broadcaster, comedian and musician)

'Benefit Street' should be broadcast hourly on all channels' (

'Phil is a fine guitarist with a mastery of all styles' (Dai Jeffries - Independent)

Customer Reviews:

'Like a well-crafted beer'. Clive Petry (Cambridge)

'Phil on great form with great tunes'. Jools Nicholls (St Ives)

'Exquisite guitar tunes and songs that engage in many different ways'. Dave Garrity (Chester)

'Outstanding guitar, as always, with a contemporary mix of original tracks and well-interpreted takes on the traditional'. Richard Fry (Chepstow)

'Protest and love, instrumental and song, trad and contemporary, all on one CD. Lovely'. Leo Roberts (Manchester)

'A fantastic collection of acoustic guitar music'. Stu & Vania Tong (North Wales)

'The best thing I've heard in a long time'. John Kearney (Nuneaton)

'There is definitely more than one person playing guitar on 'The Preacher!' Jim Mclean (London)

'One of the finest singer-songwriters I have heard' Ashley Kitson (Rushden)

More Reviews for The Twilight Tone:

2010 Everyone's A Hard Man Now (101 Records 101RECCD24) CD.

Order from 101 Records or Paypal (
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1. Music For A Found Harmonium (Simon Jeffes)
2. They Found Harmony
3. Thoughts Of Home
4. This World Of Mine
5. Creepin'
6. The Hedgefund Shuffle
7. When The Tide Comes In
8. The Police Didn't Come
9. Movie Man
10. Eveyone's A Hard Man Now
11. The Shrinking World
12. On A Saturday
13. Hospitality Blues
14. You Never Win The War
15. Steffi's Waltz

All songs by Phil Hare except where stated.
Guitars and vocals – Phil Hare
Drums and percussion – Mike Johnson
Bass guitar and mandolin – Chris Lee
Saxophones – Dave Gilbertson
Violin and cello – Claire ‘Fluff’ Smith
Fiddle – Gina Le Faux (on ‘Steffi’s Waltz’)
Harmony vocals – Caitlin Hare
Cubase programming – John Banting (on ‘The Shrinking World’)

"I'd rate it amongst my acoustic favourites for the year alongside the second CD of Richard Thompson's Dream Attic and The Owl Service' The View From A Hill". Phil (webmaster)

"If, like me, you know Phil Hare through the 'contemporary folk' scene, the jazzier side of his playing opens up a whole new box of delights, particularly on those tracks where he spars with Dave Gilbertson's sax. He's a versatile player at the top of his game". Oz Hardwick - R2 Rock N' Reel February 2011

'A real gem of talent here. Contemporary views on some of the taboos of modern life along with a beautifully rendered version of 'Music For A Found Harmonium'. Bring on more please!' Liz Franklin - Durham Community Radio Music 2011

'This album contains some of the best songs Phil has written, whilst the intricate instrumentals are a delight' Dave Kidman - Living Tradition

'A fabulous album with some really imaginative interplay between guitar and sax' Steve Tilston

2005 Tears From The Tracks (101 Records 101RECCD18) CD.

Order from 101 Records or Paypal (
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1. The Grim Reaper Two Step
2. Johnny Sands (trad arr Hare)
3. Poisoned Lover (trad arr Hare)
4. Treat Me With Reason
5. Godfrey's Cordial
6. The King Of Emneth
7. Merrily Kissed The Quaker / The Blackthorn Stick (trad arr Hare)
8. Time For A Story
9. Pictures With Surround Sound (Sandy Doyle)
10. Dear Sandy
11. Come Back Baby (John Estes)
12. Tears From The Tracks
13. The Streams Of Lovely Nancy (trad arr Hare)
14. Blackpool Landlady
15. Potato Man
16. Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
17. Thousands Or More (trad arr Hare)
18. Coming Home

All songs by Phil Hare except where stated.
Guitar and vocals – Phil Hare

'The sound of someone trying too hard to be clever on the guitar whilst making noises with their mouth. The music has no pulse. The diametric opposite of the likes of Nic Jones' FRoots 2005

'Some really nice songs with excellent guitar accompaniments!'. Nic Jones 2005

'Versatile and stylish guitar work underpinning that bluesy/husky delivery, gives this album that unmistakeable 'Phil Hare' quality' Folktalk 2005

'Raw and honest.......his best album yet! Dave Kidman 2005

'Echoes of all the acoustic greats within a sprawling piece of work that you may prefer to dip into rather than listen to in one go' Tykes News 2005

'Great support from the excellent Mr Phil Hare...check out the CD'......Phil Beer 2007

2003 Broken Timing (101 Records 101RECCD15) CD.

Order from 101 Records or Paypal (
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1. Broken Timing (Hare / McLaren-Walker)
2. No One Remembers Me
3. Gone Fishing
4. O'Flanagans
5. Toys In The Attic (Hare / Clements)
6. Kenny Spiers' Farewell to Innerleithen
7. Wait A Minute Mister
8. Drunk And Dreaming
9. This Is The Edge
10. Long Way From Home
11. Treat Me With Reason
12. Three Four
13. Blind Mary (O'Carolan)
14. Last Chance Bar

All songs by Phil Hare except where stated.
Guitars and vocals - Phil Hare
Piano - Jonathan Levy
Drums - Mike Johnson
Sax - Dave Gilbertson
Bass and mandolin – Chris Lee
Accordion – Russ Mabbutt
Whistle and flute – Terry Coyne
Harmony vocals – Irene Arhutich

Almost as overdue as an England World Cup Final victory, the aptly titled ‘Broken Timing’ is the third official album release by acclaimed British guitar virtuoso and songwriter Phil Hare.

Although Phil has worked extensively as a solo artist within the world of acoustic folk/roots music and continues to draw inspiration from these sources, the songs on this album eschew the familiar verse/chorus-modal melody structure of what we regard as ‘folk-song’, and stand alone as songs of a classic nature equally at home in a popular music market place. Perhaps only Richard Thompson or Elvis Costello could also lay claim to such a breadth of diversity whilst still retaining the crucial respect for what has gone before.

Previously regarded by some as a ‘political’ songwriter – a skill much in evidence on Phil’s first release on Fellside Records: ‘Living on Credit’ (FE77 1990) – this body of work sees Phil adopting a more mature and reflective lyrical style to deal with issues that resonate through us all: love, life, death, loss and……..drinking! ‘Yes, I’ve heard it all before’, I hear you say. Maybe you have, maybe you will again but on occasions the raw beauty of Phil’s perennially thought-provoking lyrics sets a benchmark that many will emulate for years to come.

Phil’s multi-faceted guitar skills still drive the whole thing but, in a musical departure from previous offerings, aspects of this album are characterised by the sound of Jonathan Levy’s jazzy counterpoint piano instead of the more traditional axis of fiddle/accordion and whistle. Allied to Mike Johnson’s empathetic crisp production, the result is a ground breaking record that draws from influences across the acoustic spectrum but never strays too far from the emotional honesty that threads through Phil’s performances.

Believed by many to be one of these island’s most distinctive and versatile acoustic guitarists, Phil Hare can now be content that with ‘Broken Timing’ he has well and truly arrived as a class songwriter.

Jo Cameron ( The Independent)

1997 Phil Hare and Penni McLaren Walker (101 Records TC 105).

Cassette EP. Not available at present.

Side One
1. Don't Leave (Walker)
2. Second Time Around (Walker / Hare)
3. Bloody Well Dead (Hare)

Side Two
1. Rollin' and Flowing (Bustin)
2. Incantations (Walker)

Phil: Vocals and fingerstyle guitar.
Penni: Vocals and rhythm guitar.

1994 Common Ground (101 Records) CD.

Order from 101 Records or Paypal (
or cheque (payable to 'P Hare') etc to 11 Regent Avenue, March PE15 8LW.

1. King for a Day
2. The Galtee Hunt
3. Welcome to the Museum
4. You Could Say
5. A Modern Working Man
6. Count the Cost
7. Diary of a Merseysider
8. Love of a Different Kind
9. Song of Delusion
10. Cast Iron
11. Lady of the West
12. The Judas Man

All songs written by Phil Hare except for 2 which is trad arr Hare.
Guitars, banjo, vocals - Phil Hare
Fiddle - Joe Broughton
Bass - Chris Lee
Percussion - Mike Johnson
Mandolin - Paul Bonnet
Harmony vocals - Irene Arhutich
Harmony vocals - Fiona Simpson
Accordion - Alun Rhys Jones

‘it is a refreshing listen, his lyrics are thought-provoking and certainly not as boring as works of this genre tend to be’ – The Observer

‘Despite the overall melancholy pervading this recording, it is not a downbeat affair, and although optimism isn’t Phil Hare’s strong point, he has good cause to be optimistic about his future’ – Folk On Tap

‘This is an excellent album. Phil doesn’t thrust is virtuoso guitar playing in your face but uses it to underpin and enhance his lyrical and intelligent songs.’ – Buzz

‘It all sounds hard listening, but the inventive chordal construction of the songs and some memorable tunes lift these songs to greatness. Add some more personal songs, such as the haunting ‘Cast Iron’, about keeping calm during the melodramatics of a relationship crisis, and you’ve got a well balanced and rewarding collection’ – City Life

1990 Living on Credit (Fellside FE077) vinyl LP.

Not available at present.

Side One
1. Closed for Business
2. All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
3. Living on Credit
4. Fanny Power / Planxty Johnson (O'Carolan / trad)
5. Ill Wind
6. Community Charge Song

Side Two
1. They've Come to Take Our Town Away
2. Johnny Don't Go
3. All Things are Quite Silent (Trad adpt Hare)
4.a) Strong in the Sun (O'Kelly)
b) Commoners' Ballad
c) Lest We Forget (Jones)
5. The West Wind (trad)

Guitars and vocals – Phil Hare
Piano accordion, tin whistle and harmony vocals – Alun Rhys Jones
Fretless bass and percussion – Chris Lee
Fiddle – Dave Russell
Percussion – Paul Adams
Harmony vocals – Bram Taylor

1988 Maidenhead Revisited (MILN 1).

Private release, cassette only.Not available at present.

Side One
1. Maidenhead Revisited
2. Sorry the Day I Was Married / I Wish I Was Single Again (Trad. arr Hare)
3. The Spiv Song
4. Living on Credit
5. Superstition (S.Wonder)

Side Two
1. Looking for My True Love
2. Going Down the Random Road
3. The Rose of Allendale (Trad. arr Hare)
4. Morgan Magan (T. O'Carolan)
5. The Desert of Divis

Guitar and vocals – Phil Hare
Drums and percussion – Mike Johnson

1986 The Din of Inequity (RTS 1215).

Private release, cassette only. Not available at present.

Side One

  • 1. They've Come to Take Our Town Away
  • 2. Due Consideration (P.Woolnough)
  • 3. The Pricketty Bush (Trad. arr Hare / Farrell)
  • 4. Planxty Hewlett / Fairies Hornpipe (Trad. arr Hare)
  • 5. Commoners' Ballad

    Side Two

  • 1. Looking For My True Love
  • 2. A Heart Needs a Home (R.Thompson)
  • 3. Don't Worry About It
  • 4. The Bitter Withy (Trad. arr Hare)
  • 5. I Still Don't Know (Hare / G.Hughes)

    Guitar and vocals – Phil Hare

    Phil Hare can also be heard on:

  • 'Taylor Made'- Bram Taylor (Fellside FE75)
  • 'Hughie's Ditty Bag'- Hughie Jones (Fellside FE81)
  • 'Further Horizons'- Bram Taylor (Fellside FE92)
  • 'Lonely as the Moon'- Jon Harvison (Drive-On DOCD01)
  • 'Continuing Adventures of Ben & Joe Broughton' (101 Rec CD5)
  • 'Pick Of the Grinner'- Bram Taylor (Fellside FE120)
  • 'Banklands'- Various Artists (Fellside FE100)
  • 'The Bare Branch'- Vicki & Trefor Williams (101 Rec CD 6)
  • 'Cheshire Born'- Roy Clinging (101 Rec CD8)
  • 'High Diving'- Jon Harvison (Drive-On DOCD02)
  • 'Gwerrin'- Various (101 Rec CD10)
  • 'Russell Mabbutt & Friends' (101 Rec CD9)
  • 'The Skipper's Daughter'- Penni McLaren Walker (101 Rec CD2)
  • 'Timeless Land'- Trefor & Vicki Williams (101 Rec CD14)
  • 'An Honest Working Man'- Roy Clinging (101 Rec CD12)
  • 'Banklands' - Fellside Sampler
  • 'Alibi Of Innocence' - Jon Harvison (Drive On DOCD003)
  • 'Changing Light' -Vicki & Trefor Williams (101RECCD17)
  • Three Point Turn (101 CD19 2005)
  • Malc Gurham & Gill Gilsenan (Nun 2014).
  • 'Here Comes The Day' - Heather Innes (Kickstarter1 2017).